Vintage El Degas

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Vintage El Degas

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In 1974 I bought an acoustic guitar from a buddy of mine who did not play a guitar but also bought it from a guy he knew who needed the money at the time. He kept it for several months until one day I was at his place and he asked me if I wanted to buy it. I had never heard of El Degas at the time but it was a beautiful looking guitar and sounded really good and had a nice case as well so I did buy it. The guitar looks great and sounds good to this day. The guy he originally bought it from said it was about six years old when he sold it to my buddy and if that's accurate would make it around 1968/1969 when it was made. Does that sound reasonable?
The sticker inside says Model GL35 and S.N. 4100122. I would be interested in hearing any comments. Guitar is still in beautiful condition.
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Re: Vintage El Degas

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The serial number system seems to have never really been used and no info has survived the era, so any info that can be offered is "best guess".

From the tiny bit of info that is around, I've generally been guessing most models from ED to have been from the early to mid 1970s and a 60s era guitar has never been confirmed.
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