Is this a legit El Degas?

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Is this a legit El Degas?

Post by ElTorontonian »

Hey everyone. I'm new here, but have been an El Degas Les Paul owner for several years and recently acquired a "super strat" - at least that's what I was told it was.

Here are some photos. Can anyone tell me if this is legit or not? It doesn't have a humbucker selector switch, it doesn't have the El Degas font/logo on the headstock, it doesn't have the typical bridge, and there are no serial numbers or markings. Does anyone know what I've got here? It was pretty inexpensive (around $100 CAD) and it plays pretty decently, so I'm not upset about my lot here regardless.

Thanks very much,

Mike in Toronto
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Re: Is this a legit El Degas?

Post by Barry »

Hi Mike,
"Super Strat" is a generic reference to any Strat-like guitar with an H-S-S pickup configuration. It's not a particular model name.
Charles will likely know more than I do, but this does appear to be an ED. I'm guessing Korean made.

I'm not sure why you say there's no humbucker switch. It would be the first position on your selector (towards the bridge). If the pickup is not responding you either have corrosion on the switch or the wiring is loose, or the pickup is defective.
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