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After getting my first El Degas bass guitar in 1999, I got absolutely hooked on the brand.

I realized once I started trying to search the internet for information on the El Degas brand that there were a LOT of people in the same boat as me, aimlessly searching for information about El Degas and not finding much more than a lot of scraps of unsubstantiated lore. Sadly, not a lot has changed, but I've made this site as a way to celebrate the brand and to bring in all the information and misinformation about El Degas together in a clear way so people can share and explore what El Degas is all about.

Check out the mainly unsubstantiated and fractured history of El Degas, the instruments El Degas produced, buy or sell an El Degas or share and chat in the forum.

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Can You Help?

NO - I do not want your money! But, if you are you able to contribute things such as stories, photos, history, etc; I am happy to accept.

Visit the forum and share your stories or show off your El Degas, or make suggestions for the site.

You may also email me with any info you have on the history of the El Degas brand or B & J, instruments produced, or anything else you can contribute.

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